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Success starts at home.  Parents and caregivers are a child’s first and most influential teacher and are instrumental in preparing for kindergarten. Pre-K Success products are designed to provide parents with best practices for taking charge during this critical stage of development. Our products give parents the opportunity and tools to play, praise, and teach while boosting self-confidence and improving childhood development skills.

Pre-K Success products were created with all kids in mind. They meet the various needs of children according to their unique developmental abilities and teach preschool and kindergarten readiness skills. It is never too early or too late to start preparing your child for success in school.  It’s important to get back to basics and build children with self esteem and the feeling of “Yes I can!”

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"The Pre-K Success Kit is a great tool for assisting the parents of pre-school children in the process of preparing for school. It’s often difficult for parents to think of creative and focused ways to help their kids learn. The Pre-K Success Kit provides many fun activities that address critical areas of early learning and development. One parent told me that her son carries his “school box” with him wherever he goes and can’t wait to do all of the games in the kit."

Sharon Tice, M.D.
My Kid's Doc
Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

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