Customer Testimonials

“Wow what an improvement we have seen in Danielle’s writing ability, she is holding her pencil with a lot more comfort and confidence, and now even enjoys writing her name – Thanks!” George – Walled Lake, Michigan“Our son John is finally old enough to enter pre-school and we feel so lucky to have found you and are very happy that John’s time with your products proved to be so valuable. We just wish you had a Pre-1 Success Kit so he could look forward to it after this year is over.” Sharon – Santa Barbara, California

“Our son Thomas will be entering Kindergarten this year.  We feel so fortunate to have found you and your product!  Over the past year the Pre-K Success kit has given our son the much needed head start.”Teresa – Sacramento, California

I was so excited to see my son, Noah, stringing the beads on the pipe cleaner, and then using the latch assist scissors from the Pre-K Success Kit, all by himself!” Leslie- Norman, Oklahoma

“You have played such an important role in our daughter’s schooling and we are so grateful! As a result of using the Pre-K Success Kit her confidence really improved.” Cyndi – Plano, Texas“Our twin boys love using the hole puncher! Without knowing it they created enough confetti needed for the local parade! The time they spent focused on your hole punch activities was amazing!” Michele – Colorado Springs, Colorado

“The Pre-K Success Kit is a great tool for assisting the parents of pre-school children in the process of preparing for school. It’s often difficult for parents to think of creative and focused ways to help their kids learn. The Pre-K Success Kit provides many fun activities that address critical areas of early learning and development. One parent told me that her son carries his “school box” with him wherever he goes and can’t wait to do all of the games in the kit.”

Sharon Tice, M.D.
My Kid’s Doc
Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine