Pre-K Success Announces Official Company Launch and Product Introduction in Response to Higher Kindergarten Standards

(PRWEB) March 30, 2011– Pre-K Success has officially launched in an effort to help parents aid their children in meeting the higher standards placed on today’s kindergarten students.

The Michigan based company’s initial product, the Pre-K Success Kit, is designed to facilitate a fun and educational interaction between an adult and child, which can help build a child’s fine motor skills and increase self-confidence. Created with the expertise of occupational therapists and early childhood educators, the one-of-kind kit includes 14 play-based fine motor skills tools, as well as a teaching guide with over 60 progressive activities. These activities help strengthen small hand muscles and improve hand-eye coordination needed for handwriting, and address a range of abilities. The Pre-K Success Kit which comes in its own carrying case can be purchased at the company’s website for only $34.99 plus shipping and handling.

“As an educator and a mom, it was heartbreaking to see kindergarten students struggle with fine motor tasks. I realized many parents were unaware of the importance of helping their child build fine motor skills and dexterity at home before starting school. This kit helps them do just that,” says Denise Finnerty, Founder of Pre-K Success.

The benefits can be seen outside the classroom as well. The Pre-K Success Kit helps kids exercise the muscles they need to master self-care abilities like manipulating eating utensils, tying their own shoes and doing buttons.

For more information or to order a Pre-K Success Kit, visit

Founded by an educator who is also a mom, Pre-K Success is based on the belief that parents have a strong desire to stimulate a healthy and positive sense of self in their children. Also, that every child deserves the opportunities and tools necessary to achieve their best. Pre-K Success empowers parents with unique information and useful tools, which can encourage early childhood development and help boost self-confidence.

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