Pre-K Success launches new website, play-based tools to prepare developing minds.

Walled Lake– (June 19, 2012) June marked the official launch of Pre-K Success’ new online home at Innovation of founder Denise Finnerty, Pre-K Success first started offering the product line in October of 2011. Her vision was to provide parents with opportunities to prepare their children for the start of their first school year while making it fun, creative and easy. The new site is also home to founder Denise Finnerty’s blog, aimed to educate and engage parents during the crucial period of early childhood development.

Finnerty originally started school to become a special education teacher and was quickly offered a teaching position in English Language Arts at an alternative high school for at-risk students. She learned early that self-esteem matters and students thrive with a positive sense of self but have difficulties succeeding without it.

As a parent, Finnerty tried to read every book and article she could get her hands on to provide her own children with a head start in life developmentally. Soon after her boys started Kindergarten and Finnerty began spending time in the class room, she realized that when children started school, individual abilities varied greatly. Some children were experts at using scissors and manipulating a pencil; others struggled. Finnerty asked herself “What can I do to help equalize the playing field?” That was how Pre-K Success was born. Finnerty saw a need and found a solution.

The Pre-K Success Program is designed to inform parents on best practices for taking charge of development of their child’s life. All Pre-K Success products assist preparedness for kindergarten offering children hours of practice that will build skills and confidence.

“The Pre-K Success Kit is a great tool for assisting the parents of pre-school children in the process of preparing for school” Sharon Tice, M.D. Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine says. “It’s often difficult for parents to think of creative and focused ways to help their kids learn. One parent told me that her son carries his “school box” with him wherever he goes and can’t wait to do all of the games in the kit.”

The Pre-K Success website now offers additional play-based developmental toys and activities, along with two new kits—a Travel Kit for those families on the go, and a Teacher’s Kit perfect for the classroom. The Teacher’s Kit includes multiple tools and a written curriculum that meets the needs of students of varying abilities with 60+ progressive activities that are all play-based. The Large Motor Skills kit is due to be released next month.


Pre-K Success is based on the belief that success starts at home. Children have an educational advantage by participating in extended learning activities at home. Parents and caregivers are their child’s first teacher. They have the unique opportunity to assess their child’s skills, and then help their child build skills where additional practice is needed. Pre-K Success offers educational, play-based products and activities designed to build school readiness skills and confidence. Through adult facilitated assessment, guided skill practice, and authentic praise, children will develop necessary skills and naturally feel good about themselves.

Founded by an educator who is also a mom, Pre-K Success believes that parents have a strong desire to stimulate a healthy and positive sense of self in their children. Pre-K Success empowers parents with unique information and useful tools to help build early childhood development skills, independence and self-confidence. The signature kit was designed with the combine expertise of founder Denise Finnerty, occupational therapists and early childhood educators to meet the varying needs of children according to their unique developmental abilities. For more information, visit

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