Rounding Up Pre-K Kids!

It is time for Kindergarten Roundup!  On just about every elementary school sign we see the two timely words, “Kindergarten Roundup,” with a given date.  It is an invitation for future kindergarten students and parents to come to the school and begin the process of registration for the following school year.

When I see those words, “kindergarten roundup,” I try NOT to envision hundreds of young children gathered and taken from their personal space and freedom where they roam, to be grouped and then separated into relatively small classrooms filled with chairs and desks; with their days filled with hours of routinely structured programs.

INSTEAD, I focus on images of eager, happy children, gathered together, in order to learn and continue most of their cognitive, social and motor skill development at school with friends and caring teachers.

Kindergarten roundup (Kindergarten Orientation) is actually a fun experience for children, and the perfect occasion for them to meet the principal and teachers, and get a snapshot of their new school. It is also an important opportunity for educational professionals and parents to discuss kindergarten expectations and desired readiness skills.

Ask questions about what is expected of your child in the kindergarten classroom and how you can help prepare your child to meet these expectations.

The school readiness skills teachers look for in incoming kindergarten students are generally broken down into the following three areas: social, motor and cognitive skills.  A deficit in school readiness skills could hinder the level of success a child experiences during their first year of school.  Therefore, kindergarten roundup also serves as an opportunity for parents to gain additional information to help them prepare their child for the upcoming adjustments to their new school routine in the fall.

Parents are instrumental in helping their child get ready for kindergarten and research shows that when parents are actively involved with their child’s education, the transition to kindergarten is made easier.

Since parents are their child’s first teachers, their experience and input on their child’s strengths and weaknesses is particularly valuable.  Communication between home and school enhances a child’s education.  Parents can offer helpful insights to teachers about how their child learns best, his/her unique interests, and any other additional information only a parent knows.  And because children face a variety of challenges at school, continuous communication between home and school is extremely helpful in reducing possible anxieties a child may experience.

Informed parents and caregivers will be able to spend the next five months (or longer for younger children) personally evaluating their child’s readiness skills in order to help further their child’s skills and confidence.

Time is short.

I encourage all parents to take charge of this critical time and give their children the advantage of being well prepared for kindergarten.  Pre-K Success Products will give your child a head start.  Utilize these resources to best prepare your child for a smooth and confident transition to kindergarten.

For information about documents needed to register your child, visit your school district web site or call your school directly.

What did you and your child think about your district’s roundup experience? What did you learn? What did you ask?


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